“AndNowYouKnow.net was born out of necessity. Surfing the web it’s hard to find solid and independent information about the plethora of gadgets and technology that is available. Even when you are looking for an honest review of a product you are more likely to find either an ad or a blatant product plug. What’s needed for the average person to be able to make an informed decision about what products to buy is a trustworthy source that provides interesting and easy to understand reviews in an effective manner. That’s where the idea of AndNowYouKnow.net came from: Make short video reviews of the products so that people can see how they work (or don’t work) without having to search for hours on the web.”

Who are we you ask? AndNowYouKnow.net is the brain child of Morten Rand-Hendriksen – a gadget fan frustrated by the lack of quality gadget reviews and information on the net. Sure there are hundreds if not thousands of sites that feature gadgets and technology but very few of them actually provide any useful information. When he finally had enough he and his business partner Angela Chih teamed up with renowned gadget expert Akash Sablok to form AndNowYouKnow.net/.ca/.tv to provide high-quality video and text reviews and news of and about everything that can be listed under the gadget genre. Welcome to the revolution. Web is the new TV.

AKASH SABLOK – Gadget Guru / Eye Candy

A freelance automotive and technology journalist, Akash’s reviews have been featured in various newspapers and magazines since 1991. This self professed ‘geek’ comes without a pocket protector and knows more about gadgets than that guy at your office that says he’ll fix your computer when he has time. If you’re tired of the techno-babble that inundates the virtual world, look no further. With his uncanny ability to translate information quickly and effectively, even your grandparents will be able to explain the difference between wireless B, G & N.

You may recognize him as the “Features” host on Global’s Driver’s Seat and G4TechTV‘s Lab With Leo, but he can now be found showing off the latest gizmo’s/good’s on Citytv Vancouver’s Breakfast Television, the Omni Punjabi News Hour, Shaw’s Urban Rush, and right here at AndNowYouKnow.net

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  1. Hello,

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  2. 18Mar2010 – I only caught some of the Breakfast Television segment this morning with Akash and his gadgets, so I went to the BT website to get more info. Clicked on your website and was very dissapointed that it had not been prepared with information on the products he had shown on the broadcast. Am I just jumping the gun a little? Will there be information from the broadcast posted soon?

  3. Hello Akash,

    You could be the first editor/journalist in Canada to break some great news to the motoring public. I THINK you care from what I have seen of your work previously.

    One part of the automotive world is the “Convertible” and one part of the convertible is the “TOP”. The SUN hates convertible tops and kills them. The sun, combined with various gravity driven offerings from above, eventually damages fabrics and vinyl and makes their color look like your favourite shirt after 37 washings! That has been the AGE OLD problem for convertible car or boat owners, ”the body looks great but the top looks drab and dull”! It is the BLACK HOLE in the world of Car Care. There has been a myriad of dazzling cleaners and water-proofers but – – – – – there has NEVER been a way to restore the colour of a sun damaged fabric top ! If you clean it and re-waterproof it, IT WILL STLL BE DULL right? Right.

    Well – – FINALLY, there is a new kid on the block, RENOVO REVIVER from the UK. It is not new actually, it is just brand new to Canada and the US. People like SAAB, BMW, PORSCHE, VOLKSWAGEN and other fine European dealers have been using it for about 10 years now. Good House Keeping even wrote about it!

    More good news, it is a water-based “GREEN” product and it actually does what it says it will do with-out harsh chemicals! ! It is a very simple DO IT YOURSELF kit which produces astonishing results. It will take an old weathered greying fabric top and make it look “factory new”. I’m not lying, it’s TRUE ! I can’t expect you to believe this but I am willing to prove it to you. You can even safely CHANGE THE COLOUR of your top!

    You might wonder why Glimm or RaggTopp or Armorall or Simonize or somebody like that hasn’t brought this out, well I don’t know either but RENOVO has and it works great. Hemmings is going to do a “New Product” release and the editor is going to give this a half page “Product Review” in the new year! He’s going to use it on his 95 SAAB 9-5. He is going to be ecstatic!

    So – – – – what do you think? Is this thing worth investigating? Just think what this could do for the Re-sale market finally for instance? This is not some “Johnny Come Lately” untried, unproven wannabe – – – this is the real deal. I would like to try to tell the Canadian public about it however, as you can probably tell, I’m not the greatest wordsmith but YOU GUYS ARE!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for something for nothing. I am going to advertise with you if it looks affordable, but I’m just looking for some extra ink. Please check out my website at http://www.convertibletoprenew.com where you can read my “About Us” story or check out http://www.renovointernational.com. I am just getting started with this good honest problem solver and am just looking for a leg up if REVIVER impresses you. The other Renovo products are equally amazing but there are wannabe competitors who use harsh chemicals to do what we do the “green” way. REVIVER, however is unique on the planet!

    That’s about it,
    I await your reply,

    Bob Weisbrodt
    Top Guy
    Convertible Top Renew

  4. I was clicking on TV and came across your show about high tech bathrooms (or something like that) and your website was mentioned. I just saw the last part of your show. I went to your www site immediately and am unable to find anything or any information pertaining to the showers, bathrooms, etc. Could you fill me in on this, I would appreciate.

    Thanks, Jean Reid

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