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  • Dec 4, 2019 OMNI Holiday Tech Gift Ideas

    Akash Sablok shares some Holiday Tech Gift Ideas on OMNI Punjabi News, with Host Dilbar Kang. Direct Video Link   ** Bluemic Yeticaster Professional Bundle ** Hasbro Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Interactive Battle Lightsaber – E3026  ** Hasbro Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Cross Collision Battle Set – E5565 ** Philips Soupmaker ** Philips Somneo Sleep […]

  • OMNI News – August 22, 2018, Summer Tech Fun

    OMNI Punjabi News – Summer Tech Fun with host  Dilbar Kang Direct Video Link (click here)   ** 2018 McLaren 570S Spider ** Apple HomePod Speaker with Siri ** Soul X-Tra Sport Bluetooth Headphones ** FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera ** FujiFilm Instax SHARE Sp-3 Square   Follow Akash on Twitter   (c) Rogers Communications […]

  • July 2017 OMNI News – Summer Tech & the McLaren 570GTS!

    Watch Akash Sablok on Omni’s Punjabi News: Summer Tech, with Host Jasdip Wahla OMNI Punjabi News DIRECT VIDEO LINK   – Netatmo Weather Station – Soundcast VG1 Bluetooth, – Blast Golf, – Blast Baseball, – 2017 McLaren 570GTS   (c) Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. (used with permission) Follow Akash on Twitter

  • Dec 5, 2016 Akash OMNI Punjabi News Tech Segment w/host Jasdip Wahla

    DIRECT VIDEO LINK (click here) – Nikon KeyMission 360 – LG Music Flow Bluetooth – Rubik’s Spark Cube – Grovemade Maple iPhone 7+ Bumper – Grovemade Walnut & Leather iPhone 7+ case – BMW Travel & Comfort System for GoPro – BMW Track Fix fo GoPro – Roku Ultra – Lezyne PowerDrive 110XL Front Bike […]

  • June 27, 2013 BT: Vancouver – Eco-Run & Summer Tech

    Watch Akash Sablok on City’s Breakfast Television talking Eco-Friendly Cars & Summer Tech with host Riaz DIRECT VIDEO LINK ** AJAC 2nd Annual Eco-Run, ** Apple iPod Touch 32GB RED, ** Edifier iF335BT Bric Connect, ** Hitcase Pro (iPhone 5), (c) Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. (used with permission) Follow Akash on […]

  • Next-Gen Porsche Cayenne Debuts in March

    An all-new, next-generation Porsche Cayenne sport-utility will debut at the Geneva motor show in early March The highlight of the range is the new Cayenne S Hybrid, which features a highly-sophisticated parallel full hybrid drive system. With V8 power and fuel economy of a V6, the new 380bhp supercharged V6/electric motor hybrid averages 8.2 L/100 […]

  • The Yada Bluetooth Hands-Free contest

    Yada and And Now You Know are teaming up for a fun contest just in time for the holidays: Tell us your distracted driver horror story – the one where you were cut off, had to slam on your brakes or veer at the last minute because someone else just couldn’t keep their eyes and […]

  • Lexus LS-460 – The Self Parking Car

    A while back we tested the Lexus LS-460 – the first car that parallel parks itself. The video was lost in the jungle of Morten’s computer for a long time but now it’s finally available for everyone. Parking using the automatic feature is really as simple and safe as it looks. It takes some time […]

  • 2007 Acura RDX

    Good things come in little packages. This is especially true if your big brother is the Acura MDX and you have Honda engineers backing you. The all-new RDX brings the priceline of the SUV lineup for Acura back down to an affordable 40 thousand range. The MDX has moved more upmarket, in size, features and […]

  • Camry Hybrid proves the future is here

    Hybrid’s engine and transmission give it top fuel ratings.  Growing up, I watched a lot of episodes of The Jetsons. Sure they had great gadgets around the house and even a robot maid, but it was their car that intrigued me the most.  While we haven’t defied gravity with flying cars yet, there does exist […]