Category: Contributors

  • Akash Sablok – Gadget Guru

    A freelance automotive and technology journalist, Akash’s reviews have been featured in various newspapers and magazines since 1991.  This self professed ‘geek’ comes without a pocket protector and knows more about gadgets than your office tech guru.  If you’re tired of the techno-babble that inundates the virtual world, look no further.  With his uncanny ability…

  • Morten Rand-Hendriksen – Editor-In-Chief / Producer

    “ was born out of necessity.  Surfing the web it’s hard to find solid and independent information about the plethora of gadgets and technology that is available.  Even when you are looking for an honest review of a product you are more likely to find either an ad or a blatant product plug.  What’s needed for…

  • Angela Chih – Creative Director / Producer

    With nine years of TV broadcasting experience, Angela has pretty much done it all. Making the ‘yellow’ half of Pink&Yellow Media, this one’s the one saying ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ ‘cut,’ and ‘once more with feeling!’