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  • Amitech Homecenter – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

    Norwegian hi-fi magazine Lyd & Bilde (Norwegian link) recently tested the Homecenter from Danish computer manufacturer Amitech – a sleek black and silver Media Center PC that gives the Mac Mini a run for it’s money. Only problem is it’s only available in Scandinavia – at least for now. The Amitech Homecenter 500 is a […]

  • How To: Make Your Apple TV Useful

    Apple TV has been out in the wild for less than a month, and already hackers are extending its functionality and making the little grey box do things Apple never intended.  Want to expand your hard drive, play Div-X files, view RSS feeds or even run OS-X on your new box?  Look no further than […]

  • Apple TV Disappoints

    Norwegian internet magazine (means “consumer”) has tested the new Apple TV.  They are not impressed.  Their teaser poignantly states: “We tested Apple TV.  It was not a TV revolution”.  Lack of file support, iTunes only content and no TV functionality are among their complaints.  Read on to get a shorter English version of the […]

  • Video Review: Logitech Harmony 1000

    Akash reviews Logitech Harmony 1000 remote. This is the remote to rule them all – it will control everything in your home entertainment system and everything in your house as well. But is it easy to use? Watch and find out.

  • HDMI cables – Price does not equal quality

    The devil is in the details. As with the introduction of most new technology the electronics retailers are making a killing on the sale of HDMI cables for your newly aquired PS3, HD-DVD / Blue Ray player and / or HDTV flatscreen. The people over at recently published an excellent article on the topic […]