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  • Zune Unboxing

    Honestly I don’t understand the obsession, but I know a lot of people just love unboxing, so here’s my unboxing of the 80GB Zune in pictures:

  • Zune comes to Canada – and we’re testing it!

    You might have heard of the Zune – Microsoft’s “iPod Killer” that came out in the US in 2006. Many wondered when (and if) this media player would cross the border. Well, now we have an answer: Some time this spring (“spring” defined as between March and May so I’m guessing late April). But what […]

  • The iPod Touch Experience

    I asked my friend Sean (lost to the Dark Side and now an avid Mac fanboi) to write a real-user review of the iPod Touch after reading his countless incessant ravings about the device on Facebook. Needless to say he’s head-over-heals in love with his new shiny toy (much to the dismay of his wife […]

  • The iPod Death Clock – how long does your iPod have to live?

    Ever wonder when the battery in your iPod will roll over and die on you? Well, no need to live with the worry any more. The people of have devised an iPod Death Clock that will tell you how long you can continue using your shiny toy before you have to start looking for […]

  • More trouble for iTunes in Europe

    On the heels of the announcement that the EMI catalogue on iTunes will now be sold without DRM (meaning you can play the music on any mp3 player, not just the iPod) the European Union is launching an antitrust probe into the online music store. The cause for the probe lies in the way iTunes […]

  • Video Review: Griffin iKaraoke

    Akash reviews the Griffin iKaraoke – a self contained karaoke unit that plugs into your iPod and helps you realize why you don’t have a record deal. Perfect for “entertaining” your fellow passengers on the bus or the train. And it’s only $69 so it can be categorized under “cheap thrills”. Watch the video and […]