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  • Turok Inverview

    For the release of Turok, members of the Propaganda development team participated in a Future Shop chat event at the store in downtown Vancouver. We were there to talk to them and get the facts on the highly anticipated game.

  • New PlayStation 3 (PS3). Now With 80GB.

      Today, Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced a new 80GB PLAYSTATION3.  The new model, which includes a  copy of MotorStorm will be available this August for a suggested retail price of $659 CDN (US$599). The price of the of the 60GB model has now been reduced to $549 CDN (US$499), effective immediately. And those […]

  • Vancouver International Game Summit – Poaching for nerds

    British Columbia is home to 138 video game companies employing close to 3,000 people, generating $300 million in revenues and boasts presence from 4 out of the 5 major global publishers. In other words, Vancouver has become a major hub for the gaming industry. This week the best and brightest of Vancouver’s gaming community met […]

  • 1782 PS1 and PS2 games ready for European PS3

    Prior to it’s March release Sony announced it had removed the PS2 hardware in the European PS3 model.  This sparked widespread fear that few of the available PS1 and PS2 games would be playable on the new console.  Now Sony has released a list of 1782 PS1 and PS2 games that will play on the […]