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  • Microsoft Tries its Hand at Design…and Hiding the Elephant

    A lot of eyebrows were raised in the web design and development community when Microsoft announced that they were diving head first into the web development market with a new program package designed to be in direct competition with Adobe’s (formerly Macromedia) Flash platform. In conjunction (though somewhat delayed) with the release of Windows Vista […]

  • Joost Beta – The Next Big Thing in Internet TV?

    Joost (a.k.a. the Venice Project) is a much talked about soon to be released application that brings “the magic of television, with the power of the internet built right in” to your computer. Unlike YouTube and other free internet TV services Joost provides content from different sources like MuchMusic, Figth Network and National Geographic straight […]

  • Guide to Free Computing Part I: Operating Systems

    In the coming weeks we will introduce you to the relatively unknown world of free – or open source – software. This is part one of a series.At the core of all computers – whether they be PCs, Macs or servers – is the operating system. For most people that is synonymous with Windows. At […]

  • Extreme Guide: Build the Perfect Home Theatre PC (HTPC)

    You hear about them all the time and more and more PC manufacturers (even Apple) are churning out Home Theatre PCs (HTPC).  With most versions of Microsoft’s new operating system Windows Vista touting media centre functionality and more and more PCs coming with video in/out and even remote controls as standard the PC is truely […]

  • TechTalk: How to format large drives to FAT32

    If you are well travelled in the computing world you know what FAT32 and NTFS is. If not this might sound very technical and complicated. And that’s why we provide you with this guide: To simplify the complicated stuff. This guide wil tell you how to format any large drive to FAT32 – the file […]

  • 10 Vista Myths Debunked

    Even before it’s launch there were plenty of myths flying around about Microsoft’s new flagship Windows Vista. Claims of expensive updates, sluggish performance, incompatability issues and worsened security are prevalent throughout the net. To put an end to all the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) about the new operating system (which will eventually take Windows […]