Watch Akash on Breakfast Television Friday July 6th

Watch Akash on Citytv Vancouver’s Breakfast Television with Simi Sara and Dave Gerry Friday July 6th at around 8am channel 13 . He will be covering the latest and greatest in gadgets and technology for the summer.

Read on for the complete list of gadgets including the LG Blue Ray/HD-DVD player, a Transformers computer and an automatic wrench.

APC UPB50 Universal NB Battery
apc-nb50.jpg Looks like a solid piece of plastic and not much else, but what it does is very useful. The UPB50 will keep your notebook computer powered up for up to additional 4 hours. It charges off your notebook’s power supply. The white LED status indicates battery level.  There are Multiple output voltages and the unit is Safety-agency approved.

Suggested retail price $107

Griffin Technology Journi
journi.jpg Two 50mm high/mid-range drivers and two 64mm passive radiators use SRS WOW® digital technology to expand the audio image, improving digital audio and creating deep, rich bass response
8-10 hours of play on a single charge via AC adapter or powered USB port
Sync iPod with your computer’s iTunes library as it charges
Adjustable Dock Connector welcomes all iPod models with dock connector
Auxiliary Audio Input for other digital music players
Lightweight – about 2.2 pounds

Suggested retail price $150

Motorola S9 Bluetooth Active Stereo Headset
motos9.jpg A whole lot less geeky looking than other models, this new, lightweight (less than an ounce) headset is a perfect pair to your K1 KRZR (and other Bluetooth enable phones).
If someone calls you, the music will pause and you can use the S9 as a Bluetooth phone earpiece. A mic is hidden in the earpiece. Answer and hang-up the phone with the buttons on the left side and control volume with the same set of buttons.
There will be an iPod adapter available soon, sold in a set for about CAD$40 more.

Suggested retail price: $149

Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 16X LightScribe (LS)
verbatim-ls.jpg LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling is a new technology that offers consumers and businesses a simple, no-hassle way to burn professional, silkscreen-quality labels on their DVDs. Using the same laser that burns data in their disc drives, customers burn their data as always, flip the disc over, reinsert it into the drive and burn a precise and permanent iridescent label.

Suggested retail price $1.50 each

Logitech Z10 Interactive Speaker System
logitech-z10.jpg Studio-quality audio: These 30-watt, two-way speakers feature Touch-sensitive multimedia controls, Digital track information (see what’s playing with an LCD display of track information, including artist and song title, and total and elapsed time), Internet radio presets and jacks for your headphones or your favourite MP3 or CD player.
No-hassle setup: Simply plug in the provided USB (Windows only) cable to transport audio and digital track information from your computer to the speakers.

Suggested Retail Price: $170

Belkin Dual-USB Power Adapter
belkin-dual-usb.jpg Charge your iPod and mini-USB device at the same time, anytime. USB-to-dock connector for iPod and mini-USB cables included. Works with many popular cell phones and other mini-USB charging devices.
With it, you won’t have to carry 2 or 3 adapters with you.

Suggested retail price: $35

Belkin 2.0 USB Plus Hub
belkin-usb-plus-hub.jpg I have so many USB devices, that I have run out of ports for them. The USB Plus Hub from Belkin not only connects them all, it powers them with the included adapter and keeps them organized with the wire holder.
Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty

Suggested retail price: $35

R/C Stunt ATV – by The Source
stunt-atv.jpg If you can’t get to the mountain to ride an ATV, then I guess you can substitute playing with this thing.
This cool looking 4-wheel off-road bike with rider can be controlled in almost any way with the long-range remote control.
With wheelie spins, digital proportional speed control and lean-in action, it’s almost as fun as doing it yourself. Well, no, not really, but it is a lot easier to clean up after.
You can remove the rider to make it go faster. Uses 6xAA and 1x9v battery.

Suggested retail price $40.00

Transformers Head of the Class Activity Centre
transformers.jpg This toy makes learning fun. There are 8 zones with over 48 activities, including cool games. You can add names, make custom spelling lists and math problems to keep content fresh.
The authentic Transformer speech and sound effects sound neat.
SMART chip technology auto-adjusts difficulty based on player’s performance
QWERTY keyboard with special function Transformer “Hot Keys

Suggested retail price: $70

Canon PowerShot TX1 Digital Camcorder
tx1.gif The latest trend in camcorders, Canon’s new 7.1 megapixel PowerShot TX1 does double duty as a digital camera and video recorder. And does it looking good!
With an optically image-stabilized 10x optical zoom lens and an 115,000-pixel Vari-Angle LCD screen, you take great photos and video and clearly see what you’re doing.
For video, the camera captures at 30 fps High Definition (HD) 720p widescreen (16:9). What’s more, the PowerShot TX1 digital camera has easy connectivity to play its movies or high quality stills back on high-def TVs, thanks to Canon’s thoughtful inclusion of a convenient component video output terminal.

Suggested retail price: $650

Black & Decker Power Mop
powermop.jpg You like cleaning? I don’t – unless I use something cool like this product. This new floor scrubber/ mop combo from B&D converts easily from a mop to power scrubber, and back.
It cleans hard floors, removes dirt and grime from grout and even has a “grip” pad for cleaning pads of other manufacturers. In fact you can use supplies from other brands. Once you’re done with the pad, you can eject it without touching it.
Very reasonably priced.

Suggested retail price $60

Black & Decker 8” Auto Wrench
autowrench.jpg When you’re working on tightening some bolts, it’s hard to open and close the wrench in tight spots. You can turn the adjustment screw, but again in tight spots, it’s hard to. This new B&D tool automatically adjusts to any size nut or bolt up to 1-1/4″ with the push of a button.
Professional heat treated hardened steel and 220 ft-lbs. of torque are tough enough for any job

Suggested retail price $55

Stanley MaxLife2 369 Titanium Tripod Flashlight
stanley-tripod-light.jpg The super bright white 1.25 Watt LED light can be focused to be a spot or flood light. Use 3, 6, or 9 AA batteries.
Push a button and the legs pop out, giving you solid tripod light
Spot-to-flood light focusing capability
Innovative tripod design offers hands-free convenience
Weather-resistant anodized aluminum space frame construction tripod legs
Perfect for a project or emergency situation
Multi-position head focuses light precisely where it’s needed
Low-power indicator light flashes so you’re never caught in the dark
Durable, impact-resistant design with a graphite ABS composite head and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens
Simple 3-position switch lets you choose Low, High or Off
Runs on 3, 6 or 9 AA batteries (not included)

Suggested retail price: $39

Nikon COOLPIX P5000 Digital Camera
coolpix-p5000.jpg The latest version of Nikon’s Coolpix 5000 is the P5000. With 10.0 effective megapixels, 3.5x Zoom-Nikkor lens and lens shift VR (vibration reduction), the camera provides amazing picture results.
Light sensitivity can be manually set as high as ISO 3200. In English, this means you can shoot in very low light levels. The large 2.5-inch LCD screen lets you see what you’re shooting, or what you’ve just shot. There is a optical viewfinder as well, helpful in saving batteries.
The COOLPIX P5000 is future-proof as well. It’s compatible with optional lens accessories, including the 0.67x Wide-angle Converter (WC-E67) and 3.0x Telephoto Converter (TC-E3ED) lenses. A new menu interface, face-priority AutoFocus and In-Camera Red-Eye Fix round up some of the neat features of the camera.
My favourite option, the built-in accessory shoe (or hot-shoe). It supports the use of Nikon’s advanced i-TTL flash control for external flashes, including the Speedlight SB-400, SB-600 and SB-800.

Suggested retail price: Camera $460

Nikon SB-400 Speedlight Flash
speedlight-sb400.jpg The SB-400 flash is nice compliment to this camera. Its’ head can be tilted in four steps: horizontal, 60, 75 and 90 degrees and has a flash shooting distance range of 0.6m – 20m (depending on the ISO setting).
It’s power by two AA batteries and has auto shut-off features for conserving battery power.

Suggested retail price: Flash $170

LG Super Blu – Blue-Ray and HD DVD Player
superblu.jpg The world’s only Blu-ray Disc AND HD DVD Player. Has full HD 1080p output with 1080i Upconversion with HDMI for older DVD’s.
BD-J Interactive Menu System for extra features on the new HD movies.
Wide Disc Format Playback and 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
Not cheap, but extremely versatile.

Suggested retail price $1,400

Sona Pillow for Snoring and Mild Sleep Apnea
sona.jpg This funny looking pillow has been designed for those people who sleep on their side. Okay, I plead guilty!
If you suffer from snoring or mild sleep apnea, you owe it to yourself (and your partner) to used a Sona Pillow. Designed by a renowned neurologist and sleep-tested in clinical trials, the Sona Pillow lets you sleep comfortably on your side, positioning your jaw and neck to help keep your airway open.
Hypoallergenic fill. Includes specially designed pillowcase.

Suggested retail price: $110

SanDisk Sansa Shaker
sandisk_sansashaker.jpg Pass the salt… These are the cutest looking MP3 players around. They’re designed for tiny hands, but are full of features.
Powered by a single AAA battery, the unit can play up to 10 hours. What you play is up to you with an inserted SD card.
You can pump sound out with the built-in speaker or use one of the two headphone jacks.
To change tracks, shake it (yup, shake it) or twist the dials.

Suggested retail price: $45

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