Anne Geddes – Photographer – My First Five Years App now on the Mac App Store

If you have child, or know of someone who does (almost everyone these days has one of them or knows someone who does – it’s quite trendy…), then check out this new App exclusively on the Mac App Store;

Here’s the info:

Anne Geddes’ bestselling baby record book My First Five Years now available in a digital edition from the Mac App Store

“It only takes a moment to create a memory.” — Anne Geddes

World-renowned photographer and New York Times bestselling author Anne Geddes today announced that her ever-popular classic baby record book My First Five Years is available for the first time as a digital keepsake edition from the Mac App Store. Anne Geddes has sold millions of copies of My First Five Years since its first edition was published in 1996.

The very best of My First Five Years content has been transformed into a great new app for Mac users, providing families and loved ones with a myriad of ways to capture, record and share a child’s first moments … memories in the making. With the new digital My First Five Years, you can record your baby’s favorite lullaby, your toddler’s first words, and have proud grandparents film a keepsake message for their new grandchild. Now, you can store all of these precious moments — in sound and imagery — forever in the one special place, telling the story of your child’s first five years.

“I’m very excited to share My First Five Years as a digital edition,” commented Anne. “It is incredible and so exciting as an artist to offer my photographs in such high quality reproduction, as part of a keepsake book that captures memorable moments in a captivating new way. A child’s first five years are especially cherished, and this new digital edition with audio and video features enables parents to hold onto these moments and share them with their child, friends, and family.”

We understand that no two families are the same. The digital My First Five Years allows your family to shine, as you personalize every aspect of your journal to create a truly unique keepsake that reflects you, and your child. Select and choose what you want to capture and record. Customize headings, covers, themes and pages, while easily deleting others. Do you have a special moment or event you’d like to remember? Simply add and create your own set of pages. You can also utilize your iCal to help remind you of useful milestones. Your edition of My First Five Years will become a living individual treasury of your child’s life.

Are you a grandparent, or a mom whose children are more than five years old? Re-live and re-capture stories and photographs stored on your computer or start collecting and scanning those stored photographs so they can now be shared in your new digital version of My First Five Years. You can create a digital My First Five Years as a birthday or graduation gift for your son or daughter.

The possibilities are endless, the message the same. Treasure your memories. Sharing your child’s milestones with family and friends is an important part of parenthood. Anne Geddes’ digital My First Five Years lets you offer your favorite pages on Facebook, via email, online or as a beautiful slideshow.


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