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  • Future Shop Community Forums – Share Your Tech Savvy

    The store that claims to carry everything tech (they don’t) and to have all the info you need to make an informed decision (they definitely don’t) have realized they need some help on the knowledge front and started a forum. Normally I wouldn’t bother posting something like this – most tech shops have a user […]

  • Guide to Free Computing Part I: Operating Systems

    In the coming weeks we will introduce you to the relatively unknown world of free – or open source – software. This is part one of a series.At the core of all computers – whether they be PCs, Macs or servers – is the operating system. For most people that is synonymous with Windows. At […]

  • Vista Myths Busted Part II: Vista Compatibility List Shows Few problems

    With the launch of Windows Vista came claims of major compatibility issues with standard software. These claims were largely unsubstantiated but nevertheless caught foothold and were used as a strong argument against upgrading. have been keeping a running tab on compatibility issues with Windows Vista since it’s first Beta release and have a comprehensive […]

  • Extreme Guide: Build the Perfect Home Theatre PC (HTPC)

    You hear about them all the time and more and more PC manufacturers (even Apple) are churning out Home Theatre PCs (HTPC).  With most versions of Microsoft’s new operating system Windows Vista touting media centre functionality and more and more PCs coming with video in/out and even remote controls as standard the PC is truely […]

  • HDMI cables – Price does not equal quality

    The devil is in the details. As with the introduction of most new technology the electronics retailers are making a killing on the sale of HDMI cables for your newly aquired PS3, HD-DVD / Blue Ray player and / or HDTV flatscreen. The people over at recently published an excellent article on the topic […]

  • TechTalk: How to format large drives to FAT32

    If you are well travelled in the computing world you know what FAT32 and NTFS is. If not this might sound very technical and complicated. And that’s why we provide you with this guide: To simplify the complicated stuff. This guide wil tell you how to format any large drive to FAT32 – the file […]