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The store that claims to carry everything tech (they don’t) and to have all the info you need to make an informed decision (they definitely don’t) have realized they need some help on the knowledge front and started a forum. Normally I wouldn’t bother posting something like this – most tech shops have a user forum – but Future Shop is a more mainstream shop where people like your mother would go to get ripped off buy a TV or a computer so the forum might reach a larger audience.

The Future Shop Community Forum is a perfect opportunity for all the tech geeks out there to provide quality information to people who would otherwise get screwed over big time by the tech giant. And since the forum is fairly new you have a good chance of becoming one of the main posters if you jump in right now.

So go on, help your fellow man (or woman) and show Future Shop you know more about their products than all their sales staff combined. Maybe it’ll make them rethink their hiring routines.

Future Shop Community Forum

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