December 4, 2012 – Omni Punjabi News Hour – Early Holiday Tech Gift Ideas

Watch Akash Sablok on Omni’s Punjabi News Hour: Early Holiday Gift Ideas. Host: Jasdip Wahla

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** Dyson Hot (white and blue),

** Apple MacBook Pro 13” Retina,

** ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stand-Black 13″,

** FixMeStick USB Anti-Virus,

** BlueMic Tiki USB Mic,

** Microsoft Wedge BT Mouse,

** Nokia Lumina 920 Win Mobile 8,

** RokSheild iPhone 5 Case,

** B&D Gyro Screwdriver,

** TomTom 1605TM GPS,

** Samsung HMX-QF20 Camcorder,

** Pelican Elite Laptop Bag U100,

** Pelican ProGear Sport Wallet,

** Litehawk 6996 Limited Edition,

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