Diablo: The Movie – Movie Lovers World Wide Consider Suicide

DiabloAs if the whole concept of shooter-games-turned-movies wasn’t already proven beyond any doubt to be the single dumbest idea in movie making history Legendary Pictures – currently producing the much anticipated World of Warcraft movie – has announced that they’ll be wasting even more money trying to make movie crap out of nothing by putting Diablo on the big screen.

Since it turns out that no ammount of dismal movie sales, plummeting audience numbers and reviews that make Plan 9 From Outer Space seem Oscar worthy will be enough to make the producers of these atrocities see their own mistakes, let us all remember the bastard children star studded gallery of screen gems this cross-over genre has created. Who could forget the gripping story line in Doom. Or the breathtaking performances in Undead. Not to mention the Oscar worthy script in Resident Evil and it’s successor Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

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