July 11,2018, BT: Vancouver E-Commuting Tech

E-commuting tech

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– Devinci E-Griffin E6000 Commuter eBike


Utilizing the best eBike system out there, STEPS from Shimano, this ebike rocks.


– Lazer “Z1” helmet with built-in light and heart rate monitor, helmet lock


With MIPS, a built-in light, and a heart rate monitor, this could be the perfect helmet.


– Onemile Halo City Electric Scooter


A cool electric scooter with a seat that folds flat.



– Tile Pro Series: Style & Sport


One way to ‘track’ your bike if its’ stolen



Wahoo Bolt


The younger, and smaller, version of the ELEMNT Bike Computer


With host Riaz Mehgji

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