ESA seeks volunteers to go to Mars (not actually Mars)

ESA Mars LanderThe European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for volunteers to go to Mars Russia for an experiment in social behaviour. Basically they want to lock a group of 6 people in a research facility for 500 days (the duration of a real Mars mission), shut them off from the outside world and see what happens to them. Kinda like those Biosphere projects they did in the -80s that spawned some godawful horror movies except these people will be living in an imagined Mars module with a total surface area of 200 square meters somewhere outside Moscow, Russia.

ESA is looking for 2 volunteers and 2 back ups for what they call “isolation and confinement studies”. You have to be between 25 and 50 years old, no more than 185 cm tall, have a healthy body  and no mental problems. It’s also a plus if you speak both English and Russian but it is not a must. The candidates have to be from an ESA participating country so Canadians are welcome but no Americans. Sorry, but you have your own space agency.

Click here for full details and application forms

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