February 7, 2013 – Omni Punjabi News Hour – Tech


Watch Akash Sablok on Omni’s Punjabi News Hour: Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas. Host: Jasdip Wahla


Video direct link: Video


** MIO Alpha watch, http://www.alphaheartrate.com/#product

** Samsung Galaxy Camera, http://pages.samsung.com/ca/galaxycamera/English/

** Acer S7 391 Laptop, www.acer.ca  

** Acer W700 Tablet, www.acer.ca

** HTC 8S Windows 8 Phone, www.virginmobile.ca

** B&D Matrix System 20v, www.blackandecker.com

*SuperTooth, Disco 2 BT Speaker, www.supertooth.net


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(used with permission)

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