iPad – Launching end of April 2010.

So the two questions on everyone’s mind (the third one, what will it be called, has been posted plastered all over the world within seconds) are what does it look like and how much?:

Here are some pics, courtesy Apple Computer:

And here is pricing for the two models, Wifi only and Wifi + 3G (in USD):

    16 GB      32 GB     64 GB
Wi-Fi   $499      $599     $699
Wi-Fi + 3G   $629      $729     $829

Personally I will be puchasing an unit, not only for testing purposes, but to see where the platform can go.

There is no camera, front or back, so forget about iChat.  And no word on the ability to make calls.  I’m sure third party apps such as Skype or IM will allow some sort of VOIP, but that will be remain to be seen.

If you have purchased Apps from the App store, you will be able to transfer them to the iPad for free.  Thank you Apple.

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