June 14, 2013: Omni Punjabi News – Father’s Day Tech

Watch Akash Sablok on Omni’s Punjabi News Hour: Father’S Day Tech Gift Ideas, with Host Jasdip Wahla


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** Opena Case for iPhone 5 with Bottle Opener, http://www.openacase.com

** Libratone Zipp Portable Speaker with AirPlay, LibratoneLink

** Griffin SmartTalk Solar, www.griffintechnology.com

** SONOS PlayBar, www.sonos.com/playbar

** Samsung Galaxy S4, www.samsung.ca

** Samsung Camera NX300, www.samsung.ca

** Victronix Swiss Army Bike Tool   LinkHere

** Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad, www.belkin.ca

** id America Gasket V8 iPhone 5 Case, idAmericaLink

** Meguiar’s DA Power System, DAPowerLink

** Swann Crimson Eye R/C Heli, www.swann.com

** Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 and MotoR & Rollbar mounts, http://www.hitcase.com/products


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