Steorn Set to Demonstrate Free Energy Tech Today

An Irish company called Steorn is set to demonstrate what they claim is a free energy device later on today both live in London and streaming on the interweb. The claim is that the device, called Orbo, generates free, clean and constant energy without any outside input. As such the Orbo is another entry into the world of perpetual motion – a concept that has yet to be proven and so far has no foundation in actual science. Nevertheless it’s worth checking out if nothing else for the spectacle.

The live webcast can be found at the Steron website. For an alternate take on the technology you can read this highly critical Wikipedia article.

UPDATE: There was no live demo today. The Steorn website features this message:

Due to technical difficulties we will now be live from London on the 5th July.

Question is if this is technical difficulties with the site or if it’s technical difficulties with the laws of physics. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow.

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