The Abduction Lamp – Fuel your paranoia

Ever wake up with a distinct feeling you’ve been probed by an alien? Ever dreamed of a weird cone shaped ray of light coming down from the skies to lift you up to a flying saucer filled with hot alien women? Ever felt like you are being watched? Constantly? If you say yes to the last one, you are probably right. If you said yes to the first two you should get your head out of the -90s and just go ahead and buy The Abduction Lamp . That way you can wake up and stare right into your best dream / worst nightmare.

The Abduction Lamp features a full metal retro-style flying saucer, cone shaped tractor beam, antenna that controlls the light (on, off or strobe) and an alien peeking out of the window. The user can position different figurines underneath the tractor beam to illustrate different types of abductions.

The Abduction Lamp is merely a concept at the moment but I have a feeling it’s going to be a big hit with nerds sci-fi fans the world over.

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