Watch Akash on Breakfast Television Tuesday August 7th

Watch Akash on Citytv Vancouver’s Breakfast Television with Simi Sara and Dave Gerry Tuesday August 7th at around 8am channel 13 . He will be covering the latest and greatest in gadgets and technology for the summer.

Read on for the complete list of gadgets including a battery backup with flashlight, a bike-to-beach stereo and a speed gun for those who like to catch their neighbours speeding.

Olympus DS-50 Digital Voice Recorder Olympus DS-50 Digital Voice RecorderCan you sing, talk or just mumble? Doesn’t matter what your vocal chords are transmitting out, you can record in full digital on this handy little recorder.The internal 1GB memory gives you up to 275 hours or recording, plus the ability to play back your own mp3 files (downloaded through the USB port). The playback and recording software comes with tons of options.

Suggested retail price $299.99

Griffin Technology Amplifi Griffin Technology AmplifiAll study and no music makes a student dull. And if you’re gonna crank the tunes, why not do it style. Amplifi is the latest iPod (or any mp3 player for that matter) speaker/player.The all-wood, acoustically tuned enclosure with bass reflex port and special ResonanceDrive construction gives Amplifi its amazing sound. Two front-firing 2-3/4″ neodymium drivers and 5″ down-firing woofer create a clean, powerful sound, and the single round volume knob in the front, gives it a contemporary look.You can plug in any audio source to the built-in 3.5mm (1/8″) input jack, but it likes iPods best. And any iPod will work, as it comes with 6 iPod adapters/spacers.When you have your books in your lap, you won’t have to get up to change the song, use the included slim, 6-function IR remote control.

Suggested retail price: $159

Buy Griffin Technology Amplifi

Belkin Battery Backup with Flashlight Belkin Battery Backup with FlashlightYou light up my life…. well at least when the power’s out. The latest Battery Backup unit from Belkin comes with a “why didn’t I think of that?!” extra, a flashlight. When the power goes out, you can find your way around and keep your computer running for a bit. The unit will even shut down your computer safely.It has large AC-adapter blocks, 1-in, 2-out telephone jacks, cable management, and comes with a 3-Year Product Warranty, a $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty, and a Data Recovery Warranty.

Don’t trip over your books in the dark!

Suggested retail price: $104.99

Buy Belkin Battery Backup with Flashlight

iHome Bike to Beach Bicycle Speaker for iPod iHome Bike to Beach Bicycle Speaker for iPod – iH85BJust when you thought you were safe from new iPod accessories, here comes one for your bike. You’ll need a break from your studying, so here’s a good excuse to get some exercise and some fresh air. It’s safe to use though, your ears are left open to hear the horn of that 5-ton truck behind you. This water-resistant iPod speaker case clamps to your bike frame and you control all the fun from your handlebar mounted remote control

Suggested retail price: $104.99

Buy iHome Bike to Beach Speaker System for iPod

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun I hate radar guns! Even if you’re driving the speed limit and see you one pointed at you, you still slam on the brakes.This one, though, I like. It tells me how fast my baseball pitch is, how fast my tennis serve is, how fast I shot the puck down the ice, and even how fast I am driving.It’s accurate to +/- 1.0 miles per hour using digital technology and DSP (digital signal processing). Measure the speed of a baseball from up to 90 feet, or a vehicle from as far as 1,300 feet.To bad it doesn’t measure how fast you read…

Suggested retail price: $99.99

Buy Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Targus Convertible Backpack Roller Notebook Case Targus Convertible Backpack Roller Notebook Case Textbooks are getting heavier and heavier each year. Soon, you won’t even need a gym membership, you can just keep running from class to class!Lighten the load on your back with the Convertible Backpack Roller Notebook Case. It can be used like a regular backpack or throw it on the ground (ah, gently), pull the handle out and you have roller case, complete with two in-line skate wheels.A protective rear flap holds the shoulder straps in place when using it as a roller, then lower the flap to cover the wheels for greater comfort when in backpack mode.The backpack includes a padded removable slip-case for notebooks with up to 15.4″ screens and a top front pocket with protective nyflex lining for iPod/MP3 players, PDA or sunglasses. There’s lot of little storage areas, but the most important one – a mesh water bottle holder.

Suggested retail price: $99.99

Big Brain Academy – Wii Degree Big Brain Academy – Wii DegreeThis 2 player game is the Nintendo Wii adaptation of the very popular Big Bran Academy for the Nintendo DS.Using Wii Remote controller’s hands-on control, the game test players’ brains with fun problems. It keeps track of your progress and is a great way to ‘exeercise’ your brain.

Suggested retail price: $39.99

Buy Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick Pinnacle PCTV HD StickFree is good. Getting an HD TV signal for free is really good. With the PCTV HD Stick, you can catch digital and analog TV with full DVR functionality to your PC. Compatible with Windows Vista and XP Media Centre Edition, the Stick plugs into your USB port and gives you SD and free HD TV1 on your PC.For better reception, there is a mini antenna included.

Suggested retail price: $105

Buy Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

Logitech QuickCam Pro For Notebooks Logitech QuickCam Pro For NotebooksWith a Carl Zeiss optics lens, premium autofocus, and HD video capability, the latest version of the QuickCam Pro notebooks USB camera will make you a video conferencing star.Of course what images you take with the true 2-megapixel sensor (up to 8-megapixel with software) is up to you… but remember the Internet is watching.RightLight™2 Technology adjusts intelligently to produce the best possible images in dimly lighted or poorly backlighted settings.A built-in mic records you laughing at yourself. When at home you can sit the camera on top of the included 12-inch desktop stand. When travelling, put it into the travel case.If you’re really creative, use Logitech’s Video Effects software to personalize your conversations with hundreds of avatars and face accessories that mirror expressions and motion.

Suggested retail price: $105

Buy Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks

Black & Decker Power Mop Black & Decker Power MopYou like cleaning? I don’t – unless I use something cool like this product. This new floor scrubber/ mop combo from B&D converts easily from a mop to power scrubber, and back.It cleans hard floors, removes dirt and grime from grout and even has a “grip” pad for cleaning pads of other manufacturers. In fact you can use supplies from other brands. Once you’re done with the pad, you can eject it without touching it.

Suggested retail price: $60

Tom Tom One XL Tom Tom One XLYour new HD TV is widescreen, so why not your GPS unit? The One XL from TomTom has a 4.3-inch display that gives you a better perspective of the road ahead.Besides GPRS mapping, there is the optional RDS-TMC radio-based real-time traffic information. Clear and accurate turn-by-turn voice instructions – but you get to pick the voice!There is an SD-card for upgrades and the built-in Bluetooth connection provides access to TomTom PLUS subscription-based services.

Suggested retail price: $499.95

Buy TomTom ONE XL Portable Extra-wide Screen GPS Navigation System

Epson Stylus Photo RX580 All-In-One Printer Epson Stylus Photo RX580 All-In-One PrinterWhen I make a CD or DVD myself, I print out a special label. It takes time to get the printer setup properly and then getting the label on the disc is even harder.The Stylus Photo RX580 photo all-in-one let’s you print directly on an ink-jet compatible disc. There are other printers that can do this, but this one is the easiest to use.Plus with Ultra Hi-Definition printing, you get professional looking labels. You can copy, scan, or print with or without a computer. You can plug in almost any type of memory card and with the 2.5-inch, colour LCD screen, you can view, select, rotate and crop the photos before hitting the print button.I like the fact it uses 6 different colour cartridges, so you replace only the ones you use most. The Claria Hi-Definition Ink is supposed to be smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant, giving you up to 200 years album storage. Nobody likes waiting around for their photos to print and you won’t have to here. The RX580 prints black and colour text up to 30 ppm, 4×6 borderless photos in as fast as 13 seconds and better than lab quality in as fast as 32 seconds.

Suggested retail price: $169.99


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