Amp’d Mobile goes belly up – Watch Telus squirm

Amp'd MobileThe Wall Street Journal reports that US cell phone / multi media carrier Amp’d Mobile filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this last Friday. The upstart carrier has spent countless millions on their aggressive ad campaigns with heavy focus on their streaming multi media content but it seems clear now that they jumped the shark – I guess people are not willing to watch bad quality TV on their cell phones when they can watch it in High Def in their living rooms. What a shocker.

Canadian carrier Telus Mobility recently added Amp’d to their portfolio and has been running the same style of campaigns throughout Canada for the last few months. With the US division sinking like an anvil those stupid curious enough to sign up to the service north of the border will see a rapid decline if not complete disappearance of all quality content on their fancy worthless phones proving the old saying “It’s a cell PHONE, not a TV stupid” “It’s not gold all that glimmers”.

We’ll keep you posted as this story unravels.

From Wall Street Journal via Gizmodo .

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