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  • The Yada Bluetooth Hands-Free contest

    Yada and And Now You Know are teaming up for a fun contest just in time for the holidays: Tell us your distracted driver horror story – the one where you were cut off, had to slam on your brakes or veer at the last minute because someone else just couldn’t keep their eyes and […]

  • Akash on 1410AM The Buzz, Thursday, July 3, 2008 at 3:45pm

    “>You can listen to Akash on Radio 1410AM, The Buzz, at 3:45pm on July 3, 2008. He’ll be talking about the new 3G iPhone and related products.  Here is a sample list of the products:– iPhone 3G details, $199 8GB, $299 16GB (with 3 year plan) ** Creative Vado mini-camcorder, $99 ** […]

  • China Rising – How cloning has become big business

    [Image from] has published an interesting article on the whole China cloning issue. It has become the focus of great attention with the launch of the iPhone clone Meizu miniOne. What are the ramifications when a nation supports businesses who build their capital on ripping off other companies’ hard won research?  In light […]

  • iPhone Hacked by DVD-Jon

    Jon Lech Johansen – or DVD Jon as he is internationally known – claims he has figured out a way of activating the iPhone without giving away any personal info. On his blog he writes: I’ve found a way to activate a brand new unactivated iPhone without giving any of your money or personal information […]

  • Old Cell Phones = Food for the Hungry

    Ever wonder what to do with that old cell phone now that you’ve upgraded to a newer slimmer model? You can’t throw it away (toxic waste anyone?) but it’s useless and all those phones pile up over time. So what do you do? Rogers has the answer: As the national wireless sponsor of Phones for […]

  • iPhone Update: eBay Madness, No Contract and Unlocking Rumours

    Less than 24 hours after the launch of Apple’s new toy the iPhone we know a lot more both about the product itself and it’s customers. Here’s a short roundup: People are stupid 1 As with the launch of the PS3 evil people are exploiting the stupidity of others through eBay. Sellers are offering up […]

  • Roundup: iPhone Reviews and Alternatives

    So the day has finally come: The long awaited iPhone is actually available to consumers (or rather to those stupid eager enough to stand in line for days to get their hands on it). Because Apple in their infinate paranoia has refused to supply anyone except a very select few with a demo model and […]

  • Opera Mini – Like iPhone but Free on Any Phone

    While the tech world falls over itself in anticipation of the iPhone the small Norwegian browser company Opera puts out a new version of their fantastic Opera Mini browser for cell phones. The new version – Opera Mini 4 – presents the web as it looks on a computer (just like the iPhone) and is […]

  • Universal Solar Charger – Leave a Slightly Smaller Footprint

    After decades (if not centuries) of consumerism people have finally started to open their eyes to the idea that our wasteful way of life might be damaging both the planet and ourselves. On the heels of the new Green Wave a whole range of new products are arriving to help ease the burden on our […]

  • Motorola S9 Bluetooth Active Stereo Headset

    I went to the gym the other day armed with a new weapon. Yes, I’ll admit it, some days getting motivated to work out is as hard as actually working out. The weapon? The new Motorola S9 Bluetooth Active Stereo Headset. A whole lot less geeky looking than other models, this new, lightweight (less than […]