Roundup: iPhone Reviews and Alternatives

So the day has finally come: The long awaited iPhone is actually available to consumers (or rather to those stupid eager enough to stand in line for days to get their hands on it). Because Apple in their infinate paranoia has refused to supply anyone except a very select few with a demo model and we are in Canada where the phone won’t arrive until some time in the next century we’ll just do what everyone else does: Give you a review roundup. We’ve also added some articles on iPhone alternatives and how to get iPhone-type apps on your normal cell phone. Enjoy.

PS: This list will be expanded as the reviews start pouring in

Walt Mossberg (Wall Street Journal): Testing out the iPhone

David Pogue (New York Times): The iPhone Matches Most of it’s Hype

Edward C. Baig (USA Today): Apple’s iPhone isn’t perfect, but it’s worthy of the hype

Steven Levy (MSNBC): First Look: The iPhone 

Phil Baker: Apple’s iPhone: Revolutionary design with a few misses

CNET TV: iPhone Line Starts Here 

CRAVE: What Can You Get For (the price of) an iPhone?

CNET: iPhone Central

CNET TV: Eye on the iPhone: It’s iPhone Day

PC Magazine: Any Phone can be an iPhone 

Other interesting stuff:

New York Magazine: iGod: Steve Jobs in a Box

For Mac Haters: The iMac Hate Blog and the Macintosh Free Blog

APC: Top 10 Things to Hate About the Apple iPhone

ZDNET: Do We Really Hate Apple and the iPhone? 

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