Universal Solar Charger – Leave a Slightly Smaller Footprint

After decades (if not centuries) of consumerism people have finally started to open their eyes to the idea that our wasteful way of life might be damaging both the planet and ourselves. On the heels of the new Green Wave a whole range of new products are arriving to help ease the burden on our planet. One such product is the Universal Solar Charger from USB.BRANDO.COM.HK. This gadget is a battery that can be charged either by solar power or an AC adapter and that will charge most cell phones or USB powered devices. Convenient for when you are out and about and run out of battery. And if you are consistent in using the solar charging feature it will reduce your carbon footprint a tiny little bit.

Full stats, another picture and pricing inside.


  • Portable and convenient power back up for your devices
  • High transforming rate when turn light into electric power
  • High transforming rate when discharge electric power into electronic equipments
  • Professional circuit to protect over charge, over current and high temperature when charge the built-in battery by DC or sunlight
  • Professional circuit to protect over discharge
  • Intelligent voltage adjusting, it can output voltage and current on 4 different levels. It will restrict the output current depends on different volt when discharge
  • Double short circuit protection
  • Tri-coloured LED light to indicate charging or discharging
  • The Universal Solar Charger retails for $69 US and is available online.

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