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  • LapJacks – Toshiba wants their stickies on your laptop

    No matter how fancy your laptop is it’s probably pretty dull to look at when it’s closed. And that’s too bad. All that prime real estate wasted on dull grey and maybe a small logo. Some people have figured out that the back of their laptop screen can be used to display say a company […]

  • Amp’d Mobile goes belly up – Watch Telus squirm

    The Wall Street Journal reports that US cell phone / multi media carrier Amp’d Mobile filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this last Friday. The upstart carrier has spent countless millions on their aggressive ad campaigns with heavy focus on their streaming multi media content but it seems clear now that they jumped the shark […]

  • Motorola KRZR gets inspi(RED)

    Motorola has teamed up with Project (RED) , the charitable organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to raise awareness and funds to fight AID in Africa. They’re bringing an exclusive new phone to Canadians in the form of the PROJECT (RED) MOTOKRZR K1, a crimson-hued version of their successor to the globally bestselling RAZR […]

  • Video Review: Bang & Olufsen Serene

    Akash reviews the most expensive cell phone on the market: the $1500 Bang & Olufsen Serene. Yes, that’s right. $1500 for a cell phone! Then again it’s designed by Louis Vuitton. So does emptying your wallet on this gadget make you the coolest kid on the block? Watch to find out.

  • Video Review: Bang & Olufsen Earset 2

    Akash reviews the $400 Bang & Olufsen BlueTooth headset Earset 2. Is it really worth the big bucks or is it all hype? Watch and see for yourself.

  • And the Winner is… Best Cell Phones of the Year

    Every year the 3GSM convention in Barcelona, Spain crowns the best GSM and G3 cell phones of the year. The winner of the best GSM phone is the Samsung SGH-D900.The other nominees in the GSM category: Sony Ericsson W810i LG Chocolate KG800 Nokia 5500 Sport Motorola KRZR K1 G3 winner and nominees inside.