LapJacks – Toshiba wants their stickies on your laptop

LapJacksNo matter how fancy your laptop is it’s probably pretty dull to look at when it’s closed. And that’s too bad. All that prime real estate wasted on dull grey and maybe a small logo. Some people have figured out that the back of their laptop screen can be used to display say a company logo or something else that makes it stick out from the crowd.

Now Toshiba has gotten in on the deal. Their recently launched LapJacks are vinyl stickers customized to cover that dullest of areas of your laptop and make it pretty / exciting / dorky / the property of a company. You can also get LapJacks to fit your cell phone or a pile of other electronic devices.

All you have to do is pick one of the hundreds of ready-made graphics or upload a photo, logo or other artwork and you’re good to go.

Toshiba was not the first one out of the gates with this product though. Both SchtickersSkinIt and Pimp My Laptop already provide you with everything you need to make your electronic devices as tacky as possible. We suggest garish tie-dye patterns, expletives, questionable sexual content or bad family photos not to mention rivaling PC manufacturer logos.

A LapJacks runs for £14.99 (about $31.50 Canadian) plus shipping.

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