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  • If you want to buy a laptop, Labour Day is the time!

    Just a quick tip: Both Future Shop and Best Buy have crazy deals on laptops this Labour Day weekend. So if you are looking for a cheap decent laptop (Mac excluded) you should really head out to one of the big boxes in the next few days and get your hands on one. Some specs…

  • LapJacks – Toshiba wants their stickies on your laptop

    No matter how fancy your laptop is it’s probably pretty dull to look at when it’s closed. And that’s too bad. All that prime real estate wasted on dull grey and maybe a small logo. Some people have figured out that the back of their laptop screen can be used to display say a company…

  • Video Review: Logitech Alto Keyboard

    Akash reviews the Logitech Alto keyboard and laptop stand. This keyboard lets you view your laptop screen in eye height and ads a numeric pad along with 3 USB ports and function keys making your computing experience more convenient.