If you want to buy a laptop, Labour Day is the time!

Just a quick tip: Both Future Shop and Best Buy have crazy deals on laptops this Labour Day weekend. So if you are looking for a cheap decent laptop (Mac excluded) you should really head out to one of the big boxes in the next few days and get your hands on one.

Some specs to consider when buying:

  •  Make sure it’s a Core 2 Duo processor
  • The laptop should have at least 1GB of RAM
  • The hard drive should be no less than 100GB
  • HP and Toshiba usually come out on top in tests. Acer is pretty good. Sony Vaios are insanely overpriced so stay far far away from them
  • With the crazy discounts this weekend it would make sense to get an extended warranty plan. Just make sure it’s transferable in case you sell your laptop.

You should be able to get a very decent laptop with the specs above for between $599 and $799 this weekend so this is definitely the time to buy. If you want to do some research visit CNET.com and look up the editor’s reviews there.

Future Shop

Best Buy

AndNowYouKnow.net has no affiliation with with either store and we actually disapprove greatly of the lack of knowledge and pushy sales staff at the stores. But they do occasionally have some really good deals so they’re worth checking out. Just don’t expect to be met by knowledgeable staff.

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