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  • Microsoft ramps up for the Holiday Season

    We were invited to a small schmooze fest with Microsoft today to take a look at their offerings for the upcoming holiday season and talk about their current products. It was a nice little affair in a room on the top floor of a downtown hotel where we were presented with four different sections of […]

  • Amitech Homecenter – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

    Norwegian hi-fi magazine Lyd & Bilde (Norwegian link) recently tested the Homecenter from Danish computer manufacturer Amitech – a sleek black and silver Media Center PC that gives the Mac Mini a run for it’s money. Only problem is it’s only available in Scandinavia – at least for now. The Amitech Homecenter 500 is a […]

  • World in Conflict: Open Beta Testing for Everyone

    If you’re a PC gamer you’ve probably heard of World in Conflict, the upcoming release from Massive Entertainment. Now Massive, in conjunction with Intel, is releasing a beta version of the game for open testing. From the website: Massive Entertainment, Sierra and Intel invite you to join the open beta and find out what you […]

  • Microsoft Tries its Hand at Design…and Hiding the Elephant

    A lot of eyebrows were raised in the web design and development community when Microsoft announced that they were diving head first into the web development market with a new program package designed to be in direct competition with Adobe’s (formerly Macromedia) Flash platform. In conjunction (though somewhat delayed) with the release of Windows Vista […]

  • Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 (cuz 6999 just isn’t enough)

    I remember way back when Microsoft released their first ergonomic keyboard. It looked weird and my computer nerd brothers proudly proclaimed that noone with any skills would ever use these things. And then my mom bought one for her home office. Needless to say we were all sold on the concept once we got past […]

  • Video Review: Sony Vaio UX Micro Computer

    We tested the first UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) from Sony – the Sony Vaio UX Mobile Computer – a few months ago. The 1.6lb Vista powered computer comes fully equipped with an Intel Centrino Duo processor, 40gb harddrive, Blue Tooth, Wi-Fi and touch screen not to mention a docking station and a slide out keyboard. […]

  • LapJacks – Toshiba wants their stickies on your laptop

    No matter how fancy your laptop is it’s probably pretty dull to look at when it’s closed. And that’s too bad. All that prime real estate wasted on dull grey and maybe a small logo. Some people have figured out that the back of their laptop screen can be used to display say a company […]

  • Vancouver International Game Summit – Poaching for nerds

    British Columbia is home to 138 video game companies employing close to 3,000 people, generating $300 million in revenues and boasts presence from 4 out of the 5 major global publishers. In other words, Vancouver has become a major hub for the gaming industry. This week the best and brightest of Vancouver’s gaming community met […]

  • The 10 most used passwords show we are all stupid

    What is your password?  If the answer is “password”, “123456”, “qwerty” or your own first name you are among the millions of people who need to spend some more time securing their data.  Danish magazine is quoting an upcoming article in PC Magazine that makes public the 10 most used passwords in the world.  […]

  • The Sierra Quests are Back!

    If you’re like me and you long for the days of true Quest games where you had to think before you actually did something and where the English language was reduced to object/action combinations you are in luck.  Vivendi Universal – the new owners of the Sierra brand – have announced the release of all […]