The Sierra Quests are Back!

sierra gamesIf you’re like me and you long for the days of true Quest games where you had to think before you actually did something and where the English language was reduced to object/action combinations you are in luck.  Vivendi Universal – the new owners of the Sierra brand – have announced the release of all the original quest games in the Sierra library in collections for PC.

The release includes King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest and Leisure Suit Larry.  The collections contain all the original games except for a couple of Larry titles – namely the last game Love for Sail which included some very adult hidden content and the language track on Shape Up or Slip Out (for the same reason).

Until now the only way of playing these old games was on old computers or through emulator software.  As the computers got more advanced the outdated programming caused catastrophic failures in the games causing desperation and despair in the hundreds of fans.  The new releases are designed to run on all new systems which means we can once again start torturing the English language with gramatically horrendous sentences like “look pidgenhole”, “open door” and “talk woman”.

Space Quest 2 hint: The secret word is just that – “word”.


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