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  • December 20, 2018: OMNI Punjabi News, Holiday Tech Gift Ideas w/host Dilbar Kang

    Watch Akash Sablok on Omni’s Punjabi News: Father’s Day Tech, with Host Dilbar Kang OMNI Punjabi News Direct Video Link ** Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Tablet ** Amazon Echo Show ** Kindle Paperwhite eBook Reader ** Beryl Laserlight Light ** COROS SafeSound Road Helmet ** Weiser Kevo Touch Lock ** Nixplay Irisi Wi-Fi Digital Photo […]

  • Zune comes to Canada – and we’re testing it!

    You might have heard of the Zune – Microsoft’s “iPod Killer” that came out in the US in 2006. Many wondered when (and if) this media player would cross the border. Well, now we have an answer: Some time this spring (“spring” defined as between March and May so I’m guessing late April). But what […]

  • New PlayStation 3 (PS3). Now With 80GB.

      Today, Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced a new 80GB PLAYSTATION3.  The new model, which includes a  copy of MotorStorm will be available this August for a suggested retail price of $659 CDN (US$599). The price of the of the 60GB model has now been reduced to $549 CDN (US$499), effective immediately. And those […]

  • Slurpr – Hack every wireless network around (and go directly to jail)

    If you live in an apartment building or in a city you’ve probably noticed that when you turn on your laptop there are multiple wireless networks available – some of them encrypted, some of them locked and some of them wide open. If so you’ve probably also wondered what would happen if someone hacked all […]

  • Video Review: Nabaztag Wi-Fi Bunny

    Akash reviews the Nabaztag wi-fi bunny. This cute little bunny is nothing but trouble and almost impossible to use. Watch the incredibly slow upload speeds in the upper right hand corner of the screen as Akash explains why you shouldn’t throw your money away on this gizmo.