Video Review: Nabaztag Wi-Fi Bunny

Akash reviews the Nabaztag wi-fi bunny. This cute little bunny is nothing but trouble and almost impossible to use.

Watch the incredibly slow upload speeds in the upper right hand corner of the screen as Akash explains why you shouldn’t throw your money away on this gizmo.

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One response to “Video Review: Nabaztag Wi-Fi Bunny”

  1. I was recently given a Nabaztag from a client so my product, Reliable Response Notification, could integrate with it. I have to politely disagree with some of Akash’s review.
    On the WiFi setup side, I had nothing but ease and good luck. I don’t use WEP on my WiFi network. I use MAC address limiting. To setup, I found the MAC address on the bottom of the bunny. I simply plugged that into my WiFi router’s security table and the bunny was able to connect easily. I’ve unplugged it and moved it around, even introducing it to other networks in my office, and it’s continued to work flawlessly. The difficulties Akash had in setting it up is an unfortunate side-effect of WEP security, not a problem with the Nabaztag.

    The delay between sending a command and receiving it is significant and can be annoying. But, I suspect that it’s because the bunny has to poll for new messages. That means the delay will have a more or less constant cap, even in a overloaded network. The commands are small XML packets, so it’s more an issue of latency than of bandwidth. This is unlike, say, SMS text messaging because SMS is usually quick but has no upper-bounds on the transmission time, so it can take hours.

    The upside of using polling is that the bunny will work behind firewalls.

    But, I have to agree that the delay is annoying. I have a Nabaztag/Tag, which supports giving the commands with voice. Even using the voice commands, it takes a while to turn on the radio. I’m not sure what Violet can do to fix the delay, but it would probably be a good thing for them to look at.

    -Dave Rudder

    P.S. Obligatory plug: Reliable Response Notification is an IT emergency notification solution. We support Nabaztag bunnies so that you can have a visable, audible alert mechanism that’s also cute and fun to have around. Even with the delay, the notifications still come in well before your customers notice the problem.

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