Category: Networking

  • Microsoft ramps up for the Holiday Season

    We were invited to a small schmooze fest with Microsoft today to take a look at their offerings for the upcoming holiday season and talk about their current products. It was a nice little affair in a room on the top floor of a downtown hotel where we were presented with four different sections of […]

  • Slurpr – Hack every wireless network around (and go directly to jail)

    If you live in an apartment building or in a city you’ve probably noticed that when you turn on your laptop there are multiple wireless networks available – some of them encrypted, some of them locked and some of them wide open. If so you’ve probably also wondered what would happen if someone hacked all […]

  • The 10 most used passwords show we are all stupid

    What is your password?  If the answer is “password”, “123456”, “qwerty” or your own first name you are among the millions of people who need to spend some more time securing their data.  Danish magazine is quoting an upcoming article in PC Magazine that makes public the 10 most used passwords in the world.  […]

  • Video Review: Nabaztag Wi-Fi Bunny

    Akash reviews the Nabaztag wi-fi bunny. This cute little bunny is nothing but trouble and almost impossible to use. Watch the incredibly slow upload speeds in the upper right hand corner of the screen as Akash explains why you shouldn’t throw your money away on this gizmo.